May 31, 2010


Driving for about 8 hr and just on the edge of town I didn't feel like looking for the best deal, I pulled in to the closest one, "The Star Motel" clean room and decent coffee it was a done deal for me. Side note, if and when you watch the little movie, you will see that I am painting over or on top of a previous one hour post that obviously I didn't care for, specially after reworking it three times. I new it was time to use it as a good undercoat for this that you are seeing now : )
This 6x8 inch is in oils on Birch wood and that is mounted to a varnished wooden box ready for any wall anywhere. (Sold)

"edge of town" the movie


Michael Cunningham said...

Very nice moody work it makes me think of the south just before a storm.

Ed Buonvecchio said...

Jerry: I enjoyed watching you paint. I like how you put a human element in most of your canvases, but not too much. It's like nature is bigger and more powerful than man, as it should be. At the end of the movie I think i heard a roar from the clouds.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Ed for stopping and commenting, I do appreciate.. Happy painting on your end, your work looks great..