Sep 11, 2009

"EAST 10" (oil on Birch 8x6inch)

With the sun glaring on my windshield I head east to Palm Springs on a hot summers late afternoon. My trusty camera in the ready, I click off one shot hoping to capture the subject for my next painting. So here it is in all its glory, painted in sepia colors, I handled this almost as a water color on top of lots of under-painting. The glazed color's gave the richness to the shadows I needed, popping the glare to the setting sun. This oil painting is a 6x8 inch on birch paneling that is mounted to a varnished wood box. $140 +s/h (Sold)


Jiddje said...

What a great atmosphere!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Good morning Jiddje,
I thank you for stopping in to see my madness... Love what you are doing as well..