Mar 24, 2007


5/12"X6"oil on canvas

On a trip up north in California I pass this oak tree and the sun just breaking through.


Edward B. Gordon said...

wonderful work !

June Parrish Cookson said...

Beautiful renderings of lights and shadows in your landscape works Gerald! The lonely road scenes are especially enjoyable to see.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello June,
Thank you for your comment. It is a real challenge to find places in just the right light, so I'm on the roads with camera in-hand and just click away. I don't stop and get out I just keep driving and don't know what I have till the film is developed. I love the handling of your work as well.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Edward, I thank you to. I am new to doing a blog thus new to the "daily painters gallery.
It is a plesure to be a part of a gallery of fine artists.

And you Edward, are quite skilled in the art of light and dark, wonderful work.

René said...

Again a wonderful piece Gerald.