Mar 22, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


It was late in the day and I was tired after a long days drive. I could see the lights in the distance and knew sleep would come soon. This painting is part of an ongoing series of black & whites painted in oils, you can click at the top of my blog on "Canvases past & present" and see my larger canvases in B&W.


René said...

beautiful, is this plein air?!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Good morning Rene,
I was cruising up the 101 in California in early evening and picked my camera up and took one shot and never stopped my drive.

I equally really like your work, I gather you are a plain-air artist.
The time of day I have chosen to paint, the light is gone in minutes.

There you have it and thank you for the kind words.