May 12, 2015


                                                           "ON THE EDGE"
                                                        30x30 oil on canvas

Traveling on a back road with the city riding the horizon, flanked by the pacific on one side and dry grasses on the other it was truly on the edge.  I pulled of the road, knelt down to get closer to the ground thus accentuating the sky and sliver of life I took one photo.  It was to be my next painting.  


Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love this. It's always a joy to see what you've painted... scenes like the ones that pass by us day to day and you've made them a part of our permanent memory with your work on canvas. So beautiful.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Diana, thank you for such kind words... It is always a challenge finding the right thing to paint and to talk on it... The hunt goes on..
Keep painting your wonderful work...
Again, Thank you