Jan 15, 2014

"picking cotton"

Yes I kept the title simple, I did that for I found naming it most difficult after thinking about what this little flower is and its meaning.  I found this steam off the side of a large field with rows and rows of cotton.   I stopped to pick it up with the intent of painting it, in doing this I pricked my finger on the sharp underside of this very soft white fluff of a flower.  Back at my studio I placed the cotton this way and that to see how to light it for the composition I wanted.  I began to think that with this and millions more like it, the fabrics of every conceivable color is spun into amazing everyday things that we use and wear.... Just amazing...  All this said, I return to me pricking my finger and a thought I of "What it must have been like to pick this in the time of hands and all those brothers and sisters in the hot summer fields bending to the earth" ...  Without laboring on my thoughts, I just wanted to perhaps make others stop, if only for a moment to remember the past and all those hands.

This oil painting is on a 6"x6"x 1.5 "wood box,for price email me "AT"   

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