Jun 9, 2010


So, a couple of summers back talk of a road trip starts to rumble through the family.  Emails, phone calls both landlines and cells and a gathering of the clan begins. "UTAH" is the target as hundreds of suggestions on campgrounds, food, drinks, what kind of charcoal are talked and yelled about, each believing they know the best way to handle such a trip.   And the kids!, well they're just screaming and jumping for joy... did I go you ask?, I did.  I got in my car and quietly road out of town with my jazz CD's, some nibbles and a nice bottle of wine that I kept on ice for later. I would stop periodically to snap a shot or two and earlier I had picked out a nice bed & breakfast that was just coming up on my left....  bye for now.  This is another of my black and white paintings.  It is 6x6 painted with oils on Birch wood paneling that has been mounted to a varnished wooden box: For purchase email me "AT"


Michael Cunningham said...

Nice black and white you do them well.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thank you my good friend. I do love painting in those tones..