Oct 27, 2008


Out on a back road in San Antonio I caught this as the sun was just about to drop out of the sky.
I have over a couple of years painted this scene and each time there is something new that I gain in the coloring and the application of the pigments.. I have painted this as a 74"x30 and now 6x8 inch and I must say I really like what took place this time in around with equal enthusiasm over the finished piece. Oil on archival board mounted on a deep varnished wooden box with no framing needed. (Sold)


Dar Presto said...

warm and lovely, very peaceful.
I love the color and brushwork in the fields.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thank you Dar, I appreciate you stopping to look.. This painting just fell in and worked, funny how sometimes that happens..

Cara Dawn Romero said...

This is wonderful - I love it -

Gerald Schwartz said...

There is something about this one that even I am attracted to it and I painted it???