May 23, 2008


Going home one late night on a rainy Wednesday night I turn to see the glare of the city give the nighttime sky a wonderful glow, so I take one shot and head on out... After looking at the image I decided to paint it as a B&W. I make my black using about five different colors and mixed into this a dry pigment color is a secret.
What this pigment does is alter the tone of whatever it is mixed into giving it a depth that I love. I also mix it into the white which further pushes the gray scale... This pigment was given to me by an artist that came in to my studio about three days prior just to make some light conversation... She tells me I should use this pigment and hands me this plastic bag with about a pound of this iridescent beautiful color... She tells me to handle it very carefully, and to wear a mask when mixing. It is lighter then talcum so fans are off and windows closed so there is very little movement in the studio when I opening the bag. Just that movement alone makes the pigment float and twirl like smoke.... In using it I feel like a sorcerer making colors appear before me. In the nine years and fifteen B&W paintings that I use this with, I am always surprised at the outcome and I have never had to go back and change the color...I Love this stuff... 6"x7" oil on a gessoed oak panel.. PS. I never saw her again after that day.

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