Jun 8, 2007


24"X30" oil on canvas

This is the drive down to the beach, it is the " The Laguna Canyon." For now it is just a sleepy road, but in four weeks there will be thousands of cars daily heading to the show that I'm in called "The Laguna Festival of the Arts" It is here that I will spend two months, seven day's a-week at smiling, talking, promoting what I'm about to hundreds of people everyday. This is where my bigger canvases are seen and this will be the first time at this show that I'll be showing my blog paintings and will have the opportunity to talk about not just my blog but all of us on the "Daily Painters Gallery" site. This show pulls in 5,000 people a day as a minimum. I hope we all benefit. For two month I will most likely not be able to ad any blogs to the dailies, there is just no time to paint, my painters cloths come off and its slacks & silk shirt time.


bonnie-ann black said...

the best of luck, gerald. i've checked your paintings every day and i really love them. i'm especially fond of one with the car in the garage and the tall palm tree.

Todd Bonita said...

That warm backround color is beautiful and serves this painting well.

looking real good.


Sandy said...

Hey, I went last year and will probably make it down this year. Would like to see your paintings in person. sandy

oh yes..forgot..love the painting of the canyon.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Sandy,
looking forward to seeing you at the show..